10+ Secrets to Read a Stranger's Mind In 5 Minutes

You don’t need to be a clairvoyant to read people’s minds. If you wanna read others like an open book, all you gotta do is pay attention to their body language. It’s essentially all the ways you express yourself, aside from the actual words you speak. Nonverbal cues are so important in all kinds of situations! For instance, they can make or break a business deal and really come in handy on a first date! Being able to tell if others have the wrong intentions simply through their body language could even help save your life one day!

  • What are they wearing? If they look more polished, this person is probably there to impress. Is their style more casual? This could mean that they’re relaxed.
  • When someone is puffed up and a little too confident, this could mean a big ego.
  • Has this person crossed their arms and legs? You’ve gotta know this one by now: it’s the defensive body language of someone who’s trying to protect or distance themselves.
  • Crow’s feet usually mean a lot of smiling and happiness. This individual is probably a joy to be around!
  • Our “gut” can sense the things that are beyond the obvious. So if yours is telling you something is just off about a certain person, you might wanna take the hint!
  • We usually get the chills or goosebumps when someone moves us, strikes an emotional chord, or inspires us.
  • During interactions, you might have a “flash” of insight about a person that hits you out of nowhere.
  • If someone shows empathy or, alternatively, lacks it, it can be either a really good or a really bad sign.
  • Most of the time, “creepy” people don’t even understand social cues. Then again, some of them just don’t care, especially if you’ve tried to establish a boundary, and they continue to cross it again and again.
  • Mean eyes are completely devoid of any compassion and are hard to connect with. Note the gut feeling you get when looking into someone’s eyes.
  • Does their handshake or hug feel warm and inviting or does it make you feel like you wanna run for the nearest exit? Speaking of handshakes, they’re practically a language in and of themselves!
  • Remember, it’s not just what you say but how you say it. Tone is everything.
  • If someone has built a sort of wall between you, then chances are they’re not your biggest fan!
  • If a person hides their hands, this is usually a sign that they’re hiding some ill intention or lie.
  • If they touch or scratch their neck, they’re likely insecure about something. Constantly rubbing their nose is a notorious cue that someone is lying or otherwise trying to be deceptive.
  • If it seems like your conversation partner is listening to you but their feet are pointed towards the door, you should know that they’re actually thinking about how they can get out of there.


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