Usually, when we hear the word “beer” we immediately think of the sparkling golden drink with a bubbly white foam head. And, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is how nice it would be to grab a pint right now. We at Bright Side have discovered some unexpected uses and amazing benefits of this beverage. So next time you’re drinking beer, think twice before finishing it all!

– The beer has a low acidity level that is just perfect for polishing any metal object, such as steel pots and jewelry. – Hop flower, being one of the key beer ingredients, is a natural sedative known as an effective herbal remedy for insomnia. – Fill a bowl with the cold beer, and soak your feet for a couple of minutes. The refreshing effervescent effect of the beer will help your sore feet relax after a long hard day. – In addition to toning your skin, beer also helps remove dead skin cells. As a result, your skin tone becomes more even and glowing. – Beer is an excellent option if you want to tenderize meat without changing its flavor. Place the meat in a plastic container, and add some beer. – Pour some warm beer onto a soft piece of cloth, and rub any wood surface that you want to revitalize. As a result, your furniture will get extra shine and look as good as new. – Beer keeps pesky flies away from your food. Just pour some beer into a glass, cover it with aluminum foil, and make some small holes. The flies, attracted by the smell of the drink, will go in, but they will never be able to get out. – Beer is rich in vitamin B and silicon, the key ingredients for healthy hair and hair growth. – Beer contains antioxidants that prevent skin aging. Surprisingly, this alcoholic beverage has another amazing benefit: it boosts the self-repairing abilities of your skin, helps tighten it, and thus diminishes small wrinkles. – The acids in beer can break down rust, which will help you remove screws more easily. Pour some beer over them, wait for a few minutes, and try again.


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