12 Annoying Things People Keep Doing Online

I know what you did last summer, what you had for lunch yesterday, and that you cried like a baby when your favorite celebrity couple split up. 20 years ago, this would sound really creepy, but today, in the social networking era, basically anyone can say this about their e-friends. But in some cases, oversharing and bad online manners just go over the top!

Photos and posts that some of your online friends upload can be so annoying that you want to avoid them in real life. And most of the time, you don’t even understand why it’s all so annoying. In fact, this is because there is some etiquette in social media too. So how about to pay some attention to this problem?

  • It’s pretty scary to get 42 notifications in 5 minutes, just to find out later that your friend went shopping yesterday and purchased 3 pairs of stilettos.
  • Do you have that one friend who types “hello”, sends the message and waits for your response? I know they’re trying to be polite and everything, but online communication is slightly different from the real world.
  • Your morning will still be good, your weekend will still be great, and your summer will still be fun, even if no one wishes you so in a card they found online and sent to 36 other people, as well.
  • Unless you’re a news agency, it might be a good idea to limit the number of posts you make per day to one!
  • Have you ever been to a concert you didn’t plan to attend? Then you probably have to thank that one friend who likes to Snapchat the entire concert or start live streaming on Instagram.
  • Some people must think their readers need visual hints on how to interpret their words, so they add emojis after every line they write. Or better yet, after every word in a short sentence.
  • All people go through rough times, but some feel the need to cryptically broadcast their hardships.
  • Posting selfies with too much affection involved, documenting every date you take, or sharing pictures of your sleeping significant other is a bit too much. No actually, it’s way too much.
  • Not everyone likes voice messages because it’s not always convenient to listen to them when you’re at work, or say, a family dinner.
  • It’s really hard to find a person who likes getting involved in “tag 2 friends in comments and win a sunscreen” kind of stuff.
  • It’s normal to get excited about stuff and want to share it with your friends, but are you positive they want to see 17 pictures of puppies every day, or endless “What piece of furniture would you be?” tests?



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