What are the signs of genius level intelligence? What test can you take to measure how powerful your brain really is? In this video, you learn about the signs of high intelligence that you may have, and what these qualities mean (and don’t mean) for your life.

Today we’re going to learn about 12 signs you have genius-level intelligence now let’s begin number one the natural observer most people love to talk about themselves they’ll ramble for half an hour about all their funny little quirks but a select few people spend less time talking and more time listening if you have genius-level intelligence you’re probably more observant than the average person when you engage in a conversation you aren’t just thinking about what you’re going to say next you aren’t trying to boost your own ego instead you’re genuinely paying attention to the other person you’re picking up on patterns in their speech in body language you’re taking in everything they’re telling you and you’re thinking of new and interesting ways to brighten up the conversation the smartest people rarely step into the spotlight more often than not they’re quiet and careful listeners who spend most of their time just taking the world in number two under control.


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