17 Wrong Habits We Get from Childhood

Leaving the frozen chicken on the counter for the whole day, taking showers that are too hot, or holding in a sneeze — some of us go through our days on autopilot. Our daily actions are filled with little rituals and habits that we think make us feel more comfortable, but actually, they hide something more harmful.

For example, a fragrant coffee first thing in the morning can interfere with your hormones or the phone light before bedtime can cause you to not sleep well. So it’s high time to slow down and analyze our daily actions. Here’s where you might be going wrong with some of your daily routines!

  • As soon as meat gets warmer than 40°F, the bacteria that was in there before it was frozen starts to multiply! To prevent that from happening, plan your cooking ahead and defrost your stuff in the refrigerator.
  • In case you often hold your phone down near your chest or lap for a long time, you can get so-called “text neck”.
  • It’s hard to be a fan of cold showers, but alternating hot and cold water will help you improve your skin condition, blood circulation, lymphatic flow, immune system, and even release stress and stimulate weight loss.
  • Brushing your teeth right after eating will do you more harm than good, especially after foods containing citric acid or sugar, like oranges, grapefruits, lemons or soda.
  • Flossing is way more effective when you do it after brushing your teeth with your final rinse still in your mouth.
  • “Pre-washed” on the package doesn’t mean that the product is 100% clean and ready to be used for your salad.
  • Scrolling through your social media feed or playing your favorite game right before bed isn’t as harmless as you might think. The light from the phone screen that shines directly into your eyes decreases the production of the hormone melatonin, which regulates your sleep.
  • If you’re wearing sunscreen (and you should be), you’ll naturally want to wash it off your hands after applying it. However, they also get exposed to sun rays and need protection.
  • Holding gas in your body can make your abdomen extend, and it could even get absorbed by your circulation, which means you could exhale some of it through your mouth.
  • Listening to loud blasting beats can lead to hearing damage, and even hearing loss.
  • Your body produces a hormone called cortisol, which is also called a “stress hormone.” The production of this hormone is high in the morning, and caffeine interferes with this process.
  • As you rub your hands under a machine that draws in bathroom air, you’re exposing them to a large numbers of bacteria you’re unaware of.
  • Nothing kills bacteria better than good old soap. Try to wash your hands with it when you have a chance, instead of using a sanitizer.



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