5 Mistakes You Make In The Shower Every Day

Few would think you can do such a simple thing as taking a shower incorrectly. In fact, there are some simple rules you need to follow to keep your skin healthy. Did you know, for example, that you should change sponges and loofahs once every four weeks? Yep, using the same sponge for a long time increases your health risks, since wet sponges and loofahs are perfect for bacteria and mold growth.

So, today, we’ll tell you about five common mistakes almost all of us make every day when showering. All of them are important, but you need to pay special attention to a towel you usually use.

  • Hot water makes the skin dry and flaky. First, it washes away too much of the essential oils that our skin needs to keep itself hydrated and smooth. Secondly, hot water increases blood flow, which often leads to erythema, inflammations, and rashes.
  • The maximum duration of a shower that is good for your health is about 10 minutes. However, the optimal duration is 7 minutes.
  • The more lather there is, the more superficially active substances there are in a shower gel. It means using the gel is depleting your natural protective oil layer, leading to dryness and roughness of your skin.
  • Properly drying the skin is as important as washing your body correctly. If your towel is very dry, it might harm your skin. Always dry your body with a soft towel, leaving your skin a bit moist.


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