7 Steps to Mastering Your Emotions!

Everyone gets emotional sometimes, we feel overwhelmed with anger, sadness, loneliness or even happiness. But most of the time, we let our emotions run us. It’s hard to sit down and think objectively about our situation. So I am going to share with you, an emotional animated story, that will teach you how to master your emotions.

Today we’re gonna learn about seven proven steps to mastering your emotions now let’s begin number one umbrella emotions people who struggle to control their emotions are often guilty of the same bad habit you experience dozens if not hundreds of unique emotions on a daily basis each one combines personality context and experience to create a mental state that’s unique to you as an individual now despite our incredible emotional diversity many people group their feelings into a few simplistic categories these umbrella emotions cancel out the important quirks of each individual feeling for example you might say I feel bad to describe just about any negative emotion but think about all the different emotions that are summed up by the word bad in this one umbrella category you’ve got everything from disappointment to sadness to apathy yep they’re all negative but that’s pretty much the only thing that they have in common they’re triggered by different events they’re prevented or resolved in their own unique ways each individual word can even be broken down further into dozens of more specific feelings sadness could
mean you’re lonely but you could just as easily be sad about a missed opportunity or the loss of a loved one when you use
umbrella emotions you’re neglecting .

the real problem it’s nearly impossible to figure out what’s wrong because you don’t know how you’re feeling about it well here let’s say you feel bad when you don’t get a promotion at work you assume you’re just upset because you weren’t chosen for the position but weeks go by and those negative emotions won’t leave you alone so you dedicate tons of time and effort to ensure that you’re picked for the next promotion and when that day comes you end up getting the job only to realize that you’re feeling just as sad as you were before if you had put away your umbrella you would have noticed that you weren’t add about the missed promotion at all you were feeling unfulfilled in your career so instead of dedicating all that time towards your current job you should have been looking for something that would have made you happy now this sounds simple sure but most people can’t
wrap their heads around their emotions it’s much easier for them to group their feelings into four or five different categories but their brains are so much more complex than that if you want to master your emotions then take the time to identify these three things what are you feeling


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