9 Theories That Prove How Much People Can Be Mistaken

There are many scary examples in the history of humankind when mistakes and wrongly chosen ways led to disastrous consequences for millions of people. We collected 10 scientific theories for you that prove how much people can sometimes be mistaken. Get ready to see something you’ve never seen before and be amazed.

Negative eugenics was being developed in Nazi Germany with the goal of stopping the reproduction of people who, for one reason or another, were considered “defective.” Legislated sterilization programs also existed in Scandinavian countries, the USA, Denmark, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Japan.
People have always been trying to read character by looking at the face of a person. If ’unreliable’ facial features were spotted, it could be a good reason to suspect criminal behavior and law violations from a person. With the development of neurophysiology, it was proved that the shape of the skull and the size of the brain don’t affect the character of a person.
Carnegie recommends that people constantly smile for effective communication. And this piece of advice might be good for extroverts, but introverts will ignore it for sure.
The focal infection theory became popular in the 19th century and led to a huge number of unnecessary surgical operations. Doctors believed that harmful bacteria in the body might be the reason for many diseases, and even psychosis. As a result, the practice of removing ’potentially dangerous’ organs like the appendix became widespread.
Hippocrates originated the theory of the 4 humors. According to this theory a healthy person should maintain a balance of the 4 humors which are blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm.
The Darwin’s evolutionary theory, space exploration, and the fact that there is still no vaccine for cancer — are all explained by the world conspiracy theory. Anyone trying to criticize this theory has been a part of it for a long time.

-According to eugenics, a human can be ’improved’ with the help of selection.
-An Austrian doctor and anatomist Franz Joseph Gall believed that the thoughts, emotions, and mental characteristics of a person affect the shape of his skull since they are embedded in the brain hemispheres.
-In ancient times and in the Middle Ages, people who didn’t support the flat Earth theory were brutally punished.
-In his books, Dale Carnegie often encourages forgetting your ’self’ and suppressing your opinion to get sympathy from your acquaintances and make communication more pleasant.
-The clinical experiments with homeopathic “like cures like” drugs have proven that most of the time there is no difference between the placebo effect and the effect from these drugs.
-According to the focal infection theory, toxins are secreted into the bloodstream when an inflammatory process occurs. This poisons the body and for this reason the diseased organ should be removed.
-Bloodletting has been popular for almost 2,000 years and is still used. It followers believe that all diseases occur due to an excess of blood.
-According to telegony supporters, intimacy with any man, and especially with their very first partner, affects the appearance and character traits of future children.
-The Theory of the World Conspiracy ascribes a separate bunch of people total control over all resources and political processes on the planet.


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