A Japanese Method to Predict Your Baby Gender

How to tell if you’ll have a boy or a girl? Planning a baby, everybody wonders who they are going to give birth to. They try to predict the gender looking at a pregnant woman’s face, her stomach shape, and even the food she eats. The Japanese developed a unique method for gender prediction in ancient times, and they keep using it these days. It takes less than a minute and works wonders!

The technique is based on the correlation between mom’s and dad’s months of birth with the month of conception. Using this Japanese method, you can plan the gender of your future baby or determine the sex of the child before birth if conception has already occurred.

  • Specify your partner’s and your birth months. At the intersection of your months, there is that number you need. For instance, the father was born in May, and the mother was born in July. Their secret number will be 11.
  • Now have a look at the second chart. You’ll need the number that you have gotten in the first table and the month when you conceived a baby or when you’re planning to do it. The gender of your future child will be in the cell where these columns intersect.
  • It isn’t known by what calculations these charts were made, but, oddly enough, they show the correct results in most cases!


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