A Nobel Prize Diet That Will Help You Look Younger

If you’re looking for a full-proof simple diet backed by science, you’re gonna love this one. The best thing about this revolutionary amazing diet is that there are no restrictions and you can eat what you want and lose weight! All you have to do is change when you eat, not what you eat.

When you eat whenever you want, including those late-night fridge raids we’re all guilty of, you mess up your circadian rhythm. You see, this is your body’s natural cycle, and it wasn’t designed for 24/7 food consumption. Dr. Panda’s team analyzed the eating habits of 156 adults. A mere 10% of them were eating within a 12-hour window, while over half enjoyed yummy stuff for at least 15 hours a day. The researchers offered 8 slightly overweight people to go from a 14-hour eating cycle down to a 10-hour window. As a result, they lost weight and felt way more energized after 4 months of enjoying their favorite meals but on a limited time gap. A smaller eating window helps you lose weight because the body burns more fat at night.

-A diet window is basically the time between your first and last meal of the day. When the diet window is narrower, the chances of developing diabetes, anemia, cancer, and obesity are lower.
-In a 2017 study, participants with a decreased time frame for eating showed obvious weight-loss and better health.
-The researchers found that different phases of the day are the best times for certain natural activities. But when we break the cycle and go against our biological clock, we increase the risk of developing obesity and diabetes.
-To be more in-tune with your body’s natural cycle, you need to wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. or when it’s light outside, have breakfast 30-60 minutes after waking up. Shorten your diet window to 6-8 hours without changing how many calories you take in.
-You can pull through the first rocky phase by eating fruits and vegetables. A week later, the body will get used to it, your appetite will be smaller, and you’ll start seeing all the amazing health benefits.


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