Don’t Put Coffee In Your Luggage and 23 Other Tips

Don't Put Coffee In Your Luggage and 23 Other Tips

When you’re getting ready for a flight, two main things you might be worried about is how to stuff all your travel essentials into your modest-sized suitcase and how to get through the security screening as fast as possible. Interestingly, both of these things depend on how carefully and thoughtfully you pack your carry-on and checked luggage.

Do you know, for example, that if you don’t charge your laptop before the flight, it may be confiscated? Packing an electric brush in your carry-on may land you in trouble at the security check.

  • Leaving your electric brush in your checked suitcase will make passing the security scanning easier for you.
  • If you have a lot of clothes, it’s better to use special compression storage bags.
  • If you want to take a clutch or some other kind of a mini-bag, you may be asked to pack it inside your carry-on.
  • Both your carry-on and checked luggage pass through an X-ray scanner. It can’t see through the aluminum foil because this material effectively blocks X-rays.
  • When you’re traveling with a single carry-on bag, take advantage of sample-sizes! The most experienced travelers collect all the samples they get and take them on a trip.
  • If you don’t have special shoe bags for keeping your dirty footwear, pack your shoes in cheap plastic shower caps.
  • Suitcases do tend to get lost from time to time. Imagine your chargers being gone along with your bag!
  • Put some sheets of tissue paper between your folded clothes. Many travelers swear that by minimizing the pressure and friction, this simple action reduces wrinkles.
  • While packing your bag, stuff your shoes with socks, ties, and other small objects.
  • Compressing your bag by zipping it often helps to create more space inside.
  • To prevent your chargers from getting tangled (ugh!), you can store them in sunglasses cases.
  • If you’re traveling with a backpack, make sure that its center of gravity is as stable as possible. Pack the heavy gear so that it’s closer to your back and somewhere in the middle of the bag.
  • Experts recommend to roll your clothes when you’re traveling with a backpack and fold them if you bring along a suitcase.


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