Get Ready to Become a Massage Guru!

How to give a good relaxing massage? It doesn’t require any specific methods – you can learn how to do that in less than 10 minutes! Watch till the end – there’s a little bonus for you on how to perform the best massage ever. First of all, provide a comfortable temperature in the room: it shouldn’t be excessively hot or cold. Keep in mind that the body cools very quickly during the massage. Also, you need a hard surface – a sofa or bed are not the best options. While giving a massage, focus on the neck, shoulders, and back. Light candles, turn on some nice music, and let’s begin!

  • Start with light massaging moves. You should move from the shoulders to the waist and back. Remember, to the waist and back. The movements to the shoulders should be more intense but still soft at this stage.
  • Use your entire palm during the massage, not just fingers. You can start enhancing the moves.
  • Pay particular attention to the shoulders, as they’re particularly affected by a sedentary lifestyle. Increase the massage time in this area.
  • Don’t massage the spine in any case – only professionals can do this properly. When working in this area, move along the back long muscle fibers.
  • All kinds of limb massage start with light warming strokes. If there are problem areas with localized pain, you should massage them by pressing on them alternately with thumb pads.
  • The muscles you’re working with should be relaxed. Perform the massage smoothly, rhythmically, slowly, and painlessly. Always move in the direction of muscle fibers. When rubbing the captured skin, gently squeeze it and press to the facial bones.
  • End the massage session with light patting or moving across the back with your fingertips to soothe the skin.


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