How To Attract Any Girl

In this video we go over how to attract any girl. Learning how to attract women can be very complicated without the proper guidance. Attraction is not taught in school, and most people don’t understand how it works. By the end of this video you will understand how attraction girls, or even love into your life. It’s called the Butterfly paradox.

So the butterfly paradox is something that I read about online, I don’t know who the first person was to come up with it but It’s really important if you want to maintain attraction with a girl. A big reason why relationships don’t work out is because the girl will loose attraction with the guy, and when the guy sees this, he will start squeezing his hand tighter and tighter to try and maintain the attraction with the girl. But as a result of this squeezing, she will start to loose attraction to him, and this is why a lot of girls will dump their boy friends. Another big problem is when you first meet a girl, you start to become very attached to her, and you might start to text her all the time, and not leave her alone, so you will again start to squeeze to tight. And this is a common reason why girls will stop talking to you, or even just ignore you completely. Getting a girl to like you is not as easy as people think.


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