How To Be Happy Every Day

Today I reveal how to be happy in your life! Becoming happy in life, is actually pretty simple, despite what other people will tell you.

Basic happiness isn’t actually all that complicated, and I think this story does a great job of showing why most of us should be happy. Now, if you are going through something tragic or sad, then, of course, take the time you need to be sad. This is more for “Basic” happiness. Whenever I am feeling sad, I do this one thing, and I almost always become happy. It really is like a happiness life hack for me, even though that word is so overused.

In order to understand how to be happy we need to look at how we think there are three different ways we react to
everything around us the first is by wanting were brought up in a culture where we’re told that we need to obtain something or reach a certain goal in order to be happy oh we need to get that new phone we need to get a bigger TV we need to get that promotion we need to take a picture of this meal and put it onto Instagram but if you think back to any major purchase you made or achievement you reached your picture you posted sure you felt happier for a while but soon after you are back on the hunt every single time you end up finding yourself back at your original level of happiness only this time with less money in your wallet and more wrinkles on your face so it’s safe to say happiness doesn’t lie in the wanting category the second way we react is by rejecting from the moment we wake up our mind automatically starts to look for things to reject around us oh I feel so tired but I have to go to work so cold I don’t want to leave my bed we reject others oh he’s so awkward oh why can’t this cashier do his job properly we reject ourselves so out of shape why am I such a loser again it’s safe to say there isn’t much happiness here either the third way we react is by zoning out what were confronted with a task that’s quote-unquote boring like commuting to work or waiting at the doctor’s office we tend to zone out everything become sort of hazy it’s almost as if you put
on a black and white filter over your eyes your brain goes on to sleep mode and your mind is either lost in the past
over past regrets or lost in the future filled with anxiety about things that might go wrong doesn’t sound like a fun place to be these three ways of reacting makeup over ninety-nine percent of the way the average person goes about his day to day life no wonder they’re unhappy


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