How To Become a LION

Today we discuss how to become a lion, and how to become a confident person. Being a lion and being confident are closely linked, there are many sheep in this world, and you don’t want to be one of them.

Every man on earth wants to become a lion, we want to be the hero, we want to slay the dragon, we want to marry the princess and save the world.

Becoming a lion does not happen over night, in fact some of us men never become a lion, some men stay in the camel state until the day they die.

As a man, when you procrastinate, that’s actually the lion growing within you. But basically when you feel this procrastination, you are moving into a new phase in your life where you will say “NO, I WON’T” but right now, it’s kind of passive aggressive because you can’t really say that to your boss or teacher “I won’t do my homework!” “I won’t go to class” “I won’t sit still and be quiet” because you are still a camel. This concept comes from someone named Frederick Niche, where he describes the spiritual evolution of the man.

The stage in your life where you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually immature, is your camel stage.

So What is a camel? A camel is a beast of burden, from the day you are born, your family, teachers, friends will start laying burdens on your back. like “You’re suppose to make your bed” “You’re suppose to go to school” “You’re suppose to get a stable job” “You’re suppose suppose suppose suppose” and You bow down and accept these burdens.

The moment when you first start to question things, is your first step towards maturity, It’s when you start questioning all the burdens that have been laid upon you. A common time to start questioning these things, is when you first start entering the desert, meaning when first graduate highschool, college, or when you get your first job. It’s when you enter the real world, which we will call the desert.

So the camel stands up and starts wondering around the desert and he meets a dragon named “thou-shout” And every single scale on the dragon has something you are suppose to do.

It is your responsibility as a maturing individual, to slay that dragon. Because you can either slay it, or lay down as a beast of burden and allow all the shouts to control you, that dragon will control your life for eternity, most men live this way.

You have to slay that dragon.

The procrastination is the anxiety of all the shouts that have been laid upon you. It’s the voice in you that wants to say no.

By slaying that dragon you will become a lion and the name of the lion is “I will” and “No” The no, represents all the people telling you what you are suppose to do. You destroy the dragon by saying “No!” “No! “No!” Once you slay the dragon with the no, you begin your new journey, as “I will” Most of us don’t ever become men of “I will”

Once you become the lion you are completely hysterical. He just uses pure will to get what he wants, the “will” is your heart, It’s your breathing, it’s literally your chest expanding and contracting, it’s your soul.

As an animal of I will, You go out into the world and do what ever you want to do, You choose what women you want, you choose the life style you want, you choose everything.

The lion does not bow down to anything, he will starve before he bows down to another animal. Kill me, or I’ll starve.


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