Today we look at How To Become an Alpha male, Being an alpha male is something most men want. But becoming Alpha is that easy, many men out there are still beta males. When I say Alpha male, I don’t mean someone who is arrogant and loud. Becoming an Alpha male is something much more simple than what most other YouTube channels want you to believe. Everyone says, being an Alpha male means you don’t care what other people think, and to just do what you want. Only Beta males care what other people think.

And this is true, but the way you actually become an Alpha male is simple, and can be broken down into four traits:

1) Know your purpose
2) Be Polarizing
3) Go After what you want in life
4) Have passion for life (Closely connected to the first one)

If you are asking yourself “How to Become an Alpha male” I would first ask your self “What is my purpose?” In my opinion, if you want to become an Alpha male, knowing your purpose is the single most important thing you can do, but it’s not easy to know this. If you are wondering what age you should know your purpose by, Check out my video called “4 stages of becoming a man”

But if you really want to become an alpha male, just be authentic to your self. Don’t stray away from who you really are, but also recognize that you might need to improve certain aspects of your life.

I hope I have helped answer the question that most men have, which is How to become an alpha male.


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