How To INSTANTLY Become Confident

In this video we discuss how to become more confident. Getting confidence is not something that happens overnight, and the idea of the “Confident Man” does not exist. Being confident is not a state of being, it’s something that you have under certain circumstances. After this video I hope you have the correct idea about how to become more confident.

A really common question is “How is this person so confident?” and we view being confident as a state of being. But in my opinion being confident is not a state of being at all, becoming confident in something requires two things:

1) Experience
2) Results

Let’s take dating for example, I think when most people see a guy who Is great with conversation and talking to women, we view him as a confident man. And it’s true, he is confident in that area because he has practice in that area. But that does not make him this unattainable confident person that we can never be. If we choose to work at something over and over again, we too can become confident in anything that we do. But it obviously takes a lot of work. I believe if we choose to work hard at something, we can achieve anything we want, from business, dating, writing, anything.


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