Ever fancied becoming a real-life spy? British National Cyber Security Centre, or NCSC, disclosed a riddle for their potential high-profile employees some time ago. If you’re able to solve it, then your mental abilities are enough for you to become a cyber-spy!

Or maybe your dream’s to be an astronaut? Or perhaps you want to work for one of the biggest IT corporations in the world? Then you’ve got a chance to test your mettle and see if you’re witty enough for any of these jobs!

  • #1. The riddle goes as follows: “Thirteen rotters stole my answer and they ROTated it by 4 and then ROTated it by 10 and all I have left is Uccr ziqy hc ozz QmpsfTwfgh Uwfzg! — (well you can read this for yourself). Can you help me get my answer back?” Everything in this riddle is right where it should be; there are no mistakes or typos, so take your time and try to solve it yourself.
  • #2. Tim Peake, a British astronaut, posted a puzzle on his Facebook page, claiming it was from the test he had taken himself when applying for a position in NASA. Imagine you’re facing a cube. It can roll to the left, right, forward (towards you), or back (away from you). On the bottom of the cube, there’s a dot. Now roll the cube forward, left, left, forward, right, backwards, right. Where’s the dot now?
  • #3. You’re about to board a plane to Seattle and you’d like to know if it’s raining there. You call three friends from the city and ask about the weather. Each of them has a 2/3 chance of telling you the truth and 1/3 chance of lying to mess with you. All three of them tell you that it’s raining, though. What is the chance that it’s actually raining there, considering that neither of the three knows the others?
  • #4. Why are manhole covers round?
  • #5. There’s a table with 100 coins lying on it. 10 of the coins are heads up, while the rest of them are tails up. You only know it, though, but can’t see, feel, or find out in any other way which ones are flipped. Your task is to split the coins into two piles so that there’s the same number of flipped coins in either pile.
  • #6. How many golf balls would fit into a Boeing 747?



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