How to Make Your Life Way More Exciting with Pets. Animal-lovers will agree the best way to change your life for the better and fill it with joy is to get a pet and give it all your love. In case you’re looking for unconditional love, pets are a great solution. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cat person or a dog person, all of them are perfect friends making our lives better. We decided to put together a collection of out best comics proving that life without pets is boring. Enjoy!

There are two types of people in this world: cat people and dog people. We decided to show you just how different our four-legged friends’ views on devotion and love are. Dogs will guard your sleep next to you, while cats will enjoy a nap right on you. Dogs will lick you to death while cats will scratch you in refusal. Winning the love of a cat is way more challenging and they’ll keep you wondering if you made it for ages. Their attitude to food, walks, games and taking a bath are very different.

Every pet owner has experienced these moments at some point in their life. We give up our own personal space for our pets. We have around 1,358 photos of our pet from “last night’s walk.” We get very upset when our pet seems to like someone else. And we feel their pain too. We have shown them their reflection in the mirror at least once.

Cats are the most caring of creatures. They can make you feel better when you’re sick or wake you up if you oversleep in the morning. Not all of them are perfect, of course, and there is probably no such thing as the perfect cat at all, but we still love them for returning us to a good mood and making even a really bad day slightly brighter.

If you have a cat, then your life is governed by a strict set of laws and rules that it’s established for you. It’s probably better if you learn them all as soon as possible to avoid risking the wrath of those furry scions of order. Cats must sleep in their owners’ beds as often as possible, preferably in a pose that’s comfortable for them and not for anyone else. No rug can remain in its original flat state for any lengthy period of time. If a cat stares intently at the refrigerator for long enough, someone will come and provide something tasty from it for the cat (and for no one else). A cat can drink any quantity of milk, even if that quantity is several times larger than the volume of the cat itself.


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