Mitch Manly's Epic Morning Routine

What is the best morning routine in 2018 for men? There are a lot of morning routine videos already out there, but not many actually list the scientific benefits of the things they do in their morning routine. The reason my morning routine is the way it is, is because I have researched what the best practices are.

There are 6 things that my morning routine consists of:

1) Have a big glass of water
2) Have a cold shower
3) Show gratitude
4) Meditate
5) Create a to do list
6) Work Out

I think it’s important to remember that you have to develop your own morning routine, of course when you are starting out it’s good to copy someone else who has a good morning routine. But when it comes to developing your own, but getting the best morning routine will come from trial and error. How successful you are for the day will be determined how successful your morning routine is, if you have a great routine you are setting your self up for success.


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