The 4 Stages Of Becoming a Man

Today On masculine man, we go over the 4 stages of becoming a man. Real men all go through these stages, and it is important to understand what stage of becoming a man, you are at.

Most men today are unsure if they are men or boys, and men often will ask themselves, “What has to happen before I actually become a man?” By the end of this video, you will know where you stand.

There is no right or wrong stage to be in, I know I mentioned ages that go along with the stages, but those are just general guidelines. If you are 30 years old and you still feel like you are in the early knight stage, this is okay. Everyone’s journey is subjective, do not judge your self.

What stage are you in? Do you agree with me?

The 4 stages of becoming a real man are: Squire, Prince, Knight, and becoming a King. I am generalizing a little bit, but I think this will give you the general frame work of becoming a man, and it will help you understand where you are on the heroes journey.

Some men never really make it to the king stage, they stay in the knight stage until the day they die. In order to become a true man, you need to understand the 4 stages of manhood.


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