This Simple Trick Will Change Your Life

How do I become successful in life? What makes a life successful? Today I am going to tell you, the true secret to success.

We all want to be successful, and we immediately assume that being successful, means having a car, a girl and a nice house. This could very well mean that you are successful, but none of that really matters, unless we understand the why, behind success. There are so many rich and famous people out there, who are actually miserable. Why is that? We say “Well, because money cannot buy happiness” and this is true, but the REAL truth to it, is that they have dark issues inside them, that they have not let go of, and it’s possible, that these issues are the main drivers in their quest to become successful.

For example, I personally think, that many YouTubers, are YouTubers, because they crave attention, and if they got rid of the thing inside of them, that craves attention, then maybe they would choose an entirely different career path. It’s the same with bankers, or actors, or really anything.


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