-You wake up simply because you’re well rested! The weather is beautiful outside the window, you’re not in a hurry, you don’t need to do a single thing right now.

-You ride to the park, sit on the grass, and call your mom. You chat for hours. Then, you meet up with friends you haven’t seen for ages.

-People are already tired of the extended vacation and don’t know what to do! They’re looking for a job, any job for anybody!

-There’s nobody inside now, but the place is ransacked. You can’t call the police because it doesn’t exist any more.

-You walk out, dozens of people surround you. They offer you help in every form. Replacing wheels for apples, fixing bike chain for oil, and so on.

-The stranger walks you to the last refuge for workaholics that pretend to be working out of habit.

-People head to the countryside and live off the land, try to be self-sufficient. There is no more money. As for anything that resembles an economy, it’s based on trading goods and services. People start working for pleasure.

-Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence replaces bank tellers, customer service representatives, IT specialists, even hotel receptionists – this becomes new reality.


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