What If You Stayed In Your Bed for a Year?

What Would Happen If You Never Left Your Bed? Most of us find it really hard waking up for school or work due to different reasons. But what if you actually decided to never get out of bed? Well, given the horrible effects it would have on your physical and mental health, you’d quickly regret your decision.

You’d get bedsores
Just imagine: all your muscles, fatty tissue, blood vessels, and skin get squeezed between the mattress and the weight of your body. This pressure cuts off blood supply to your soft tissues, starving your cells of much-needed nutrients carried by the blood. As a result, these tissues eventually die, especially in the areas of the body under the greatest amount of pressure. Bedsores are most likely to appear around the knees, elbows, shoulder blades, heels, ankles, and tailbone.

You’d suffer from muscular atrophy and decreased bone density
As time goes by and your bedsores keep getting worse and worse, you can also expect to feel weaker and weaker. After a month, your muscle mass will be cut down by 50 percent. As a result of atrophied muscles, your coordination and balance will actually get worse. Just like your muscles, your bones aren’t getting any use either.

You’d experience cardiovascular problems
After just a couple of days in bed, blood will start to pool in your legs. Your heart, in an attempt to get that blood moving, will start beating more quickly. Fatigue will set in extremely fast, and your stamina will drop significantly. Your blood itself will become thick and sticky.

You’d increase your risk of getting pneumonia
Your muscles won’t be working to remove excess liquids from your body, so fluid will start accumulating in the lungs. And since you’re lying flat on your back in a bed, your lungs won’t be able to fully expand and fill with air. This decreased lung volume means your breathing will get more and more shallow, and the exchange of oxygen with carbon dioxide in your lungs will worsen.

NASA experiment
Drew Iwanicki took part in one of NASA studies and spent 70 days in bed. When the experiment was over and he tried to stand, his legs felt incredibly heavy, and his heart reached top “speeds” of 150 beats per minute. He was starting to go through psychological changes. He didn’t talk his friends or family as much simply because he had no news to share. He also felt anxious and afraid of the upcoming weeks


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